Thursday, June 30, 2011


My very 1st Planking 

I've wanted to do planking after Churchill Lee had shown me the planking video weeks ago, but i just have no time to do it and NO ONE WILLING TO TAKE PHOTO for me. Finally, i've friends that willing to go CRAZY with me! Special THANKS to Rebecca Tan and Lydia Tiong willing to fool around with me! 

Under the Security Table*the guard was like.............what's wrong with this person*! 
(This was at the Block-A lobby in Swinburne)

On Bench

( We were on the 7th Floor ) 

7th Floor toilet
(the cleanest toilet perhaps? so that's why i've chosen this place)

In the library
(The most funny part, after they took this photo, the most embarrassing moment when i'm trying to get up from the chair i was like...."how to get up from this chair huh?" my friends keep laughing non-stop LOL!!!!)


Erm.....I didn't manage to take photo with the cat statue today. Perhaps, another day will do...

Going to Swimming Pool with friends tomorrow!

More Plank photos to come! Keep come back and visit always! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011



Freaking awesome right??!

Well, i'm going to briefly explain about what actually Planking mean. Planking a.k.a laying down game. For your information, there's rules for Planking:
  • To plank you must lay horizontally straighten your body and point your fingers and toes down (towards your feet)
  • You must name your "plank" and post a picture of the creator (of the plank) performing the pose on Facebook.
To Plank, you also need friends willing to take pictures of you looking like retards. 

Guess what? I'm going to do the Planking at here:

Is that a good idea? Erm......

I'm so excited about it! A friend of mine Joseph Taylor Bong just did this few hours ago, which is I just told him about the Planking stuff this morning! OMG! He's way soooooo Fast! Good Job JO! 

Pro Enough?*with luggage*

As for me?I'm going to upload mine soon!
Stay tune.................